The New Broadmead – 3D Ain’t Happy

Thanks to The Bristol Blogger for spotting this one and providing a tenous graf related link for this blog to cover the ridiculousness that is the hype around the new Broadmead at the moment.

Seems 3D from Massive Attack (Bristol’s first writer by all accounts, so there’s your graf link) has posted the following on the Massive Attack website.

How to spend 500 million pounds and bring the city to its knees- a star studded night of portable TV celebs, shopping debt repayment collectors and total auto gridlock. carrot circus is an amazing piece of work that ingeniously manages to capture that gripping 80’s shopping mall look of mid America slash the midlands,just what we need to compliment the mall and the giant Barrett business towers down temple way.The galleries now feel like a taxpayers bargain at the price and look how well they have performed compared to the wasted cash drizzled into welfare health and education.

Would say top man, but don’t want to advertise shops down there like every other Bristol media publication at the moment.


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7 responses to “The New Broadmead – 3D Ain’t Happy

  1. ‘carrot circus…’

    whats the man got against root vegetables?!

  2. required

    Couldnt agree more. Does Bristol need more gentrification in the centre and homes the average Bristolian could never afford to buy or rent? Could some of this money have been better spent offering solutions to crime and drugs seriously affecting the lives of those who live and work in the centre? Is the council corrupt and foolish? Is retail therapy the answer? it would be for me but TK Maxx is still the only decent shop in town. Bun Corruption (and dont assume its the preserve of high end politicians. Bristol is run by heathens)

  3. Black op's

    I don’t think he has anything against root vegetables in fact I know he’s a huge fan of leeks!

  4. nwo


  5. Spuddy Holly

    I heard some kiddies calling it ‘Circusmead’ t’other day…
    Like it.

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