New 50:50 And New Mr Jago

So, exciting times tonight as Bristol institution 50:50 opens its doors in its new location in what was the comic shop down at the bottom of Park Street, next to ‘the bridge by the Banksy’ that runs over Frogmore Street. It was getting set up today, and is looking pretty dapper indeed.

Wouldn’t be fifty fifty though without some painting going on around it, and, whilst there’s talk of someone else coming along to paint the place (may have happened by now in fact), you should check out the steps running down the side of the shop down to Frogmore Street. If i call them ‘the piss steps’ most of you should know where i mean, they stink.

They look a bit better now though, as Mr Jago’s come along to do a huge piece down the side of them.

All pretty much went up today by the looks of things

Smaller piece at the top then big character at the end

Here’s one of the finished lot looking up the steps

And a better one of the finished character. Graf/street art/whatever, the steps look so much better now.


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2 responses to “New 50:50 And New Mr Jago

  1. Some nice Ivy-leaved Toadflax (Cymbalaria muralis) in the second photo.

  2. Sofar Domino

    Jago at his best. Very nice addition and a overdue brighten up of some nasty steps

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