‘Reworked’ Sweet Toof At The End Of Picton Street

That space at the end of Picton Street is definitely doing more stuff now, still can’t quite make out what, but must work it out sometime.

Anyway, as part of that, that big Sweet Toof piece has been gone over with a new piece, not entirely removing it, but definitely adding something new to that space.

Here’s as it was a while back.

Long shot of it as it is now…

…and the obligatory close up. Nice work.

Know who I think it is, but anyone want to shout first?


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9 responses to “‘Reworked’ Sweet Toof At The End Of Picton Street

  1. Ere .. that be by Phlegm ??

  2. manparis

    is it osgemeos?

  3. Bilko

    Dunno but i like it

  4. required

    I was gonna say os gemeos too…..

  5. bristolgraffiti

    See, i wasn’t gonna say either of them, but then i can’t remember who i did think it was, began with a P though. Totally seen that style somewhere before, and it’s on the tip of my tongue.

    An afternoon will now be spent in brain wrackage.

  6. FM

    ha! if Os Gemeos came to Bristol you’d know about it. they’d probably do more in one night than everyone else – combined – has in the last 6 months.

    and the dude-riding-a-bird/pterodactyl motif crops up in Moebius comics going back 30 years. whoever the artist is, they need to come up with their own shit. as soon as i saw it i thought ‘rip off.’

    sorry for making two relatively negative points, but there you go.

  7. ^graffiti artists ripping off comics is nothing new. the book Subway Art, 1984: who made use of the flying eyeball first, Seen or Kid Panama? neither, it was comic book legend Rick Griffin! as for the continued influence of Vaughn Bode, i don’t even need to go there do i?

  8. Matt

    It be Phlegm.
    Here be his blog, chatting about it.

  9. bristolgraffiti

    10 points to good Mr SPQR then, and a special bonus to Matt for the confirmation!

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