Proper Bristol Hip Hop – The Film

Some will have seen this already, and don’t know too much about it at this stage, but there’s some top excerpts on Youtube from a forthcoming film ‘Proper Bristol Hip Hop’. This is the bit that’s relevant to your interests round here…


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8 responses to “Proper Bristol Hip Hop – The Film

  1. Bilko

    Cant wait to see the rest of this video – Big up to Turroe and crew for getting it together…
    About time someone put some of the Bristol Graff history down on video. Good work lads –

  2. what have gangs of urchins tagging buses got to do with gallery openings, limited edition prints, legal walls and stencils? the present-day contemporaries of Turo and T.U.B are passed over by the likes of your blog and the flickr goons – which i must stress is absolutely fine by me – because i guess they are viewed as anachronistic or dated. whatever, i don’t really know where i’m going with this, suffice to say that you probably would’ve *hated* the work done by kids like Turo had you been around back then.

    graffiti on trains, tags etc are more than just interesting precursors to the modern street art movement, they exist now as they did back then, and graffiti is unique amongst subcultures in that you’ve never had to ‘get in on the bottom floor’ so to speak, to experience it properly. because of the illegal nature of graffiti there are no ‘plastic punks’ who missed the initial fad and are constantly stuck in a timewarp trying to revive it. its as real as ever.

    as far as i can see this tradition is separate to the ‘arty’ one covered by your blog, although there are a few times when they overlap. i’m not trying to be rude or anything, just making an observation here. anyway i’m glad you enjoy that video, even with the current divisions in the bristol scene, and i’m glad you posted it here. i will now drink some coffee to see if everything i’ve just written makes sense. 🙂

  3. Ello peeps… thanks for taking an interest in the film… it’s a 2 hour documentary on Bristol Hip Hop from the early 80’s through to the 2000’s, it’s more about the music and the people than the graf, but of course the graf’s in there – the section is about ten minutes long, and is mainly about the Project Anderson story. For anyone interested, there should be copies available to buy next week from
    Mr Monk

  4. PS… everyone seems to be doing books on Bristol Graf at the mo, I know Turroe’s supplied stacks of photo’s for one…. we were chatting the other night about a second film, concentrating on just Graf… so watch this space! although don’t expect anything soon, the last one took us two years to make….

  5. i don’t really know where i’m going with this, suffice to say that you probably would’ve *hated* the work done by kids like Turo had you been around back then.

    why so mate??? im still at it! and can and allways have produced high quality work. be it walls, canvasses or whatever. were not trying to revive or relive a “golden age” just documenting the past as monk said above.. pz . TURO

  6. hot11o i don’t understand your comment???
    plz enlighten me.

  7. i was just rambling about the hypocrisy of people on the net hating what THEY call “taggers”, but at the same time they love street art, exhibitions, etc.

    “taggers”, young lads bombing with the goal of going all city (writers to you and me) don’t get any love on this blog or i was just making the distinction between the two types of graff we’ve got now.

    clear as mud? haha 🙂

  8. i have copies now if anyones interested…?
    visit for details

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