Frogmore Street Face

Thanks to Paul for spotting this one and sending it in, a large new piece gone up on Frogmore Street this weekend, just along from the bloke hanging out the window by Banksy.

Photo of it going up on Friday…

…and a more recent pic.

Isn’t there a new club (re)opening round there at the moment, could be part of that? Unsigned at the moment, so no name to put to it, any ideas?


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5 responses to “Frogmore Street Face

  1. Discoliam

    was this where shelter used to be??? or was that a bit furthur down…

  2. Wow, this looks neat :). Can’t wait to go check it out in person!

    Speaking of events in that area, Mr Wainwright has a launch going on for the new 5050 this coming Friday: . Should be pretty neat.

  3. Jonathan Livingstone

    I like this face. I can’t speak about the quality of this graffiti, but it looks nice. You have a feeling that the edifice is not a cairn. You see this building and realize that it has… soul. It’s very interesting and a little bit funny I think. The old house – the old face. How many stories can tell us this old “man” or “woman”. Actually, I can’t understand is it the face of a man or a woman. But as I’ve said I like it.

  4. Asya

    Wow! It’s so… cool! I do like this graffiti!!! If I had to name it I would choose the following one: “Old buildings. Tired faces. Kind eyes.” In my opinion, the expression of the painted face is sad as if it is saying: “Look at me. Pay attention to me. The fact I’m a house doesn’t mean I don’t need love & care”.
    To conclude, if all graffiti paintings were of the kind, everybody will have to admit graffiti is Art.

  5. Robo

    the new club is called chesters. the dudes done loads of amazing stuff, mostly banners for clubs i think.

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