More Bristol Festival Pics

So, it’s harder than you think to get photos of finished pieces when they’re not finished until the crowds get in, so suspect there may be another post updating this whole event in a bit. But still, here’s some stuff from around the site over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday…

So, wildstyle and the like, not all the best bits, but some of them were pretty unspottable through the crowds.

Next along some Awkward

Further along, a tribute piece to Killer.

Unfortunately in the heat of the day on Saturday, the money saved on some of the boards started to show, shame really.

Big load of TCF pieces off there in the distance…

Some Paris on there…

…and some Ziml.

In contrast to the others, Dicy went for some more abstract stuff.

PRSC had a big board, paint, scissors, craft knifes and the like, so you could roll up and stencil your own square on this piece, really cool idea.

Ended up like this later on Saturday evening.

Looking down the boards on the main run down to the arena, Lokey, Flx, Inkie, Chu.

Closer on Inkie’s finished piece.

Inkie, Chu and Cheba.

On the Saturday night, Weapon of Choice had Sepr, Nikill, Lokey and Cheba doing live painting at the back of the Mr Wolf’s stage during the bands. Only problem is the space was well cramped behind the backline, so no chance of any good photos really.

Better one of it once done…

…even worse view from the other side. Don’t tread on cables on stages by the way, it makes the speakers make buzzy noises at everyone.

Tried to get a shot of the whole piece, but wasn’t going to happen, so here’s a broader shot of it, and some CCQ as well.

This was outside the main festival space, but pretty cool.

Paint your own graffiti style stuff on a massive interactive screen. Even used a spray can as the sensor, still want to see the GRL big wall size one of this idea though…

So, all round a cool festival, and one that properly had the main point of Ashton Court about it, the ability to wander round and see people you haven’t seen for ages. Really hope it worked out for them financially and it becomes a regular feature in the Bristol year.

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