Bristol Festival Early Painting Thursday

So, this Bristol Festival thing is going to get pretty huge by the look of it, tickets are already sold out down the ticket shop in Broadmead, and the painting is looking awesome.

Here’s where things were up to in the early afternoon today, an awesome sunny afternoon for a paint…

Guerrilla Galleries has got a proper exhibition going on at the festival, full of work from people painting there. Here’s the space getting set up.

Julian, the owner, ever a man of action, painting the boards to hang the works…

So, all the boards up along this side now, and, contrary to what was on here yesterday, the KTF hitting these ones up rather than the ones in the corner.

Sepr, Epok and Haka getting their paint on.

Sepr’s got some OAP Mutant Ninja Turtle thing going on here, pretty cool.

Epok working on his piece.

And the unmistakable outlines of Haka, love it.

Molar was getting started next along too, photo of this one, and all the others, further along later.

All the KTF, painting in one of the few sunny afternoons this year, awesome vibe.

Round the corner, Mr Jago and Cheo working together, in outline at this stage.

Over the other side, Lokey and Flx still working, probably some of the most hours on the whole site going into these awesome pieces once they’re done.

Jago and Cheo starting to fill stuff in.

Next to the 3Dom boards was meant to be Jeffrow, things change though…

Evening photos coming right up…

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