Paris And Feek At The City Walls Once More

So, Paris and Feek are getting on with the other passageway in St John’s Gate now, you wouldn’t normally notice it, but this passageway is a little bigger than the other you know (they’re both 19th century additions though).

Like by the Nova Scotia, there’s going to be a Paris ship going on here.

Looking down that wall at where things had got to.

Down the other end this Neptune by Feek is going to end up pretty awesome…

…rising from the waves.

The other side’s finished now, here’s the sig that hadn’t been photgraphed properly before (still hasn’t really, damn broken camera).

Finally a more general one of the finished side of the other passageway. The love people were feeling for it walking through was awesome. Saw two smart old businessmen walking through in sharp suits and briefcases, who paused in a surprised way to look around at the work, before one turned to the other and said ‘I really rather like this sort of thing you know’, to which the other agreed. Hilarious.

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One response to “Paris And Feek At The City Walls Once More

  1. ozz

    pic 3 = ‘CHOON!

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