More Paris And Feek In The City Gate

Thanks to the commenter who pointed out the new pieces being done in St John’s Gate on Broad Street (blogged here before) were by Paris and Feek, a wander along there yesterday confirmed it!

Apparently it’s been a couple of years in the making this work, in conjunction with the Churches Conservation Trust, who have some pretty forward thinking people in them. Pre-reformation churches were decorated lavishly with all manner of painting directly onto walls after all…

It’s not all country scene stuff, that work’s being gone over with symbols taken from tiles inside the church behind this wall. These guys have really done tons of research to make this piece fit its location and be a proper twenty first century fresco.

The unicorn’s pretty much finished now, and is running up into the ceiling…

…with the lion on the other side joining in like this.

The lion’s finished now too, awesome piece, signed Feek and Paris down the bottom there.

Apparently they were inspired by this above the gate, rather than the Bristol coat of arms itself, anyone know who’s arms that is?

So the other passage on the other side is next, with a nautical theme planned for it, given this church’s former proximity to the docks back in the day. Should all be wrapped up for the end of the week, ready for the huge painting event at the Bristol Festival this weekend.


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5 responses to “More Paris And Feek In The City Gate

  1. It’s so good. Feek posted a better resolution shot of the lion on his Flickr yesterday:

    Just makes me so happy. So bloody good.

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Think everyone and their dog could take a better picture than my lame ass camera right now, it so needs a servicing….

    Is a sick piece though, hopefully the other side should be being done today with some more character action.

  3. That’s the Queen’s Coat of Arms. I’ve walked through St John’s Gate numerous times, and I never noticed them up there!

    Some more info on the gate:

    and the Royal Coat of Arms:

  4. bristolgraffiti

    Legendary, cheers man, thought there was something about the collared unicorn meaning royalty.

  5. Just linked to this from my Flickr set of the gate here. Cheers!

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