Bristol Festival – Live Painting Preview

Kind of an exclusive this i guess, the first photos from the live painting going on in preparation for the Bristol Festival this weekend. First photos of the festival site even.

Thought it would be good, but really wasn’t expecting something quite this big. If it comes together properly (and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t), this is going to be properly huge.

So, where to start…

Well, stuff round the site really. The obligatory ‘blank canvas’ shot at these things is kinda tradition round this blog, but it makes more sense with this one, as you really need to see the sheer scale of the painting that’s going to be going on. This’ll be more impressive if you know this area anyway, but still hope the size of the operation comes across in the photos.

These are the boards already up (and those on the floor waiting to go up) looking down towards St Augustine’s Parade way, along the front with all the bars on it.

This entire back wall of Lloyds Amphitheater is going to be boarded and painted, only a few up so far.

Over this side will be the side of the main stage, with more painting going on.

Some people putting together boards before putting them up along one side of that ramp leading down to the Amphitheater.

Same boards going up.

Painting all along the other side is going to make this a real alleyway, apparently with Inkie, Ponk, Feek, Soker, Lokey, Flx and others along these two sides.

No boards in this corner yet, but at the moment it’s marked out for the KTF when there are.

And if you’re ‘lucky’ enough to end up backstage (backstage is never actually interesting you know, most times you miss most of the fun there), do take a moment to enjoy some trellising and flowers.

So, some of the painting started today in preparation for the festival opening. Here’s Flx starting to get his paint on.

Flx again from a little closer.

People have been wandering through the site as they normally would, but it’s now closed, so they’ve been getting pissed off at being told to go round (and thinking that being old and wearing a suit allows them to be rude to friendly security volunteers, morons.)

So, anyway, someone decided to spray up a no entry sign for the good of all.

Other bits being painted already, this by Nikill, which should look pretty darn awesome with a character and the like when done.

Andy Council’s done his bit already, more of a muted style than normal perhaps, but really very cool indeed.

For you 3Dom fans out there, he’s been and gone already too. Here’s an early on-ish shot.

Bit later on.

Finishing off the slogan…

…and it’s done. A deliberately happier piece after the one on Stokes Croft the other day apparently.

More photos as this goes on of course, but seriously, if it all comes together properly, this really is going to go down as a massive one.

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