Dreweatts Urban Art Auction October

After the last one in the summer, Dreweatts are putting on another ‘urban art’ auction on Tuesday 14th October in the evening. Viewing for the pieces entered at Paintworks in Bristol Thursday 2nd to Saturday 4th October, then at Shoreditch Studios Friday 10th to Tuesday 14th October.

Interesting pieces in interesting times would probably be the theme. Will this interest in selling ‘urban art’ (not a fan of that term) continue now the world’s falling over financially?

You can download the whole catalogue for the auction here, but thought it worth including some pieces of interest on the blog.

This Nick Walker portrait of Jerry Dammers from The Specials is pretty cool, must be tons of interesting Nick Walker stuff around like this from over the years.

On the other hand, this Nick Walker butterfly was first sold at the Black Rat Press show at the start of the year. Did anyone at that show actually buy anything to keep and, you know, put on their wall or something? Sheesh.

These Dicy pieces are really nice though, and pretty decently priced as well. Sorry about the photo quality in this post by the way, pics taken from the Dreweatt’s catalogue, which doesn’t seem that good res in its online form at least.

Finally, of course, the obligatory Banksy pieces. This one’s really odd, it says it’s from the Severnshed show in 2000, but, subject to some final checking later this evening, would swear that it was never in that show. Perhaps sold in connection with it, or as a result of it, but sure that piece wasn’t on the walls of the Severnshed back then. There was a photo of the same stencil (there were a few photos sold at that exhibition alongside the originals), but it wasn’t exactly the same. Same thing happened in a Bonhams auction a while back if you remember, a piece being claimed to be from the Severnshed show when it wasn’t.

UPDATE: Less certain on this not having been there now, but still thoroughly confused. Will have a check of the pricelist for the show tonight.

UPDATE 2: Well, the pricelist shows a piece in the Severnshed show called ‘Monkey Stencil’ rather than ‘Monkey Detonator’, and from the photos of nearly all of the the show on the Bristol Beat site as well as a process of elimination, it looks like it’s this one . So perhaps there was a photo of the same stencil idea at the show rather than the piece actually being there, initially at least? Perhaps it wasn’t ready in time for the show when it opened? That said, the pricelist gives the dimensions of the ‘Monkey Stencil’ piece as 29cm by 42cm, whilst the one in the pic below is 90cm by 67cm. Pest Control have apparently said the piece was in the Severnshed show though. Very odd. Anyone got any more photos of the Severnshed show that may shed some light on this?

UPDATE 3: Been in touch with Dreweatts over this, and happy to confirm again that both Banksy and his agent have stated this piece was exhibited at the Severnshed show, and Pest Control have stated that it is called ‘Monkey Detonator’. So, a watertight provenance then.

If anyone has got any photos from the Severnshed show though, then do get in touch, think it would be interesting to put the show back together virtually, with the original price tags on the pieces too!

Finally, this piece will be the litmus test in a way, a stencil on another painting from back in 2001. £150,000 to £200,000 estimate, which seems a hell of a lot for a piece like that. Are the people still around with that sort of cash to splash now the bubble’s burst and no-one’s buying as a short term investment anymore?

Should be an interesting auction either way.

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One response to “Dreweatts Urban Art Auction October

  1. Art always fetches big money just as the construction market hits meltdown before a big recession. Ask Damien Hirst if there’s anyone buying art right now!

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