New Piece Going Up On The City Gate, Broad Street

Been thinking this would be awesome painted up for years, but being such an historic site never thought it would be.

Seems someone’s wangled something though very recently, as on Saturday the smell of fresh spray paint was really strong round the two side passages on St John’s Gate at the end of Broad Street, which seemed to be part of the way through being painted with some rather cool work.

For those that don’t know St John’s Gate, this is it, one of the few bits still left standing of the old city walls in Bristol.

It’s the two small passages on either side on the main one that seem to be getting painted at the moment. The right hand side (as you look down Broad Street) was more complete on Saturday…

…a lion on one side…

…and a unicorn on the other…

…with the sky over the top of it all.

The other passage looks primed and ready for some work too…

…but overall it’s just kinda amazing that this has been allowed to happen (which it looks like it has).

Go check it out if you’re round that way, looks like more was going to be done to it over the coming days.


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7 responses to “New Piece Going Up On The City Gate, Broad Street

  1. Aaaahhhhh that’s fucking amazing.

  2. Interesting. I presume the intent is to reference the Coat of Arms of the City of Bristol.

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Hah, would love to see ‘Virtute et Industria’ written in wildstyle…

  4. bobby dazzler

    paris and feek innit

  5. carnie vegan warrior

    how many more bland blue-sky-and-green-fields murals are going to be inflicted upon us?! sorry but i am finding them all exceedingly dull to look at. there must be two dozen of the bloody things in the city now.

  6. Mike Art-el

    Carnie Vegan Warrior

    So your finding this bland, this is a delight up to the shitty diesel and pollution stained Bath stone that did adorn this historical and beautiful piece of architecture.

    Could you reference the numerous (2 dozen) other ”bland blue-sky-and-green-fields murals” that you are finding so incredibly dull?

    Perhaps you are just spending to much of your life in the beer garden at ‘The Farm’?

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