Weapon Of Choice At Bunfight Saturday

So, the second night of Bun Fight tonight, not as busy as last night, and Saturday night in town’s always a different vibe isn’t it. But still, cool atmosphere and lots of fun stuff going on.

As for live painting, well, KTF were tonight’s crew, here’s Epok early on.

Molar filling in more on the right a bit later.

Epok keeps at it.

Kinda round the same stage.

Close up on Molar working further down.

Not just live painting tonight, lots of acts again too, earlier on there was Kid Carpet (with classic Big Jeff accompaniment) and the Invisible Circus lot, including these two mentalists in bee costumes singing and doing contemporary dance to a series of techno songs. Actually quite cool, the Dagger Brothers they may have been called.

The finished piece. Not as finished as some have been before, but they were working on it for ages, and everyone kinda ran out of steam a bit.

Next stop the Bristol Festival then…

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