Weapon Of Choice At Bun Fight! – Friday

So much going on last night, hard to know where to start blogging it all really, but given Weapon Of Choice is on again tonight, seems best to get last night’s one covered first.

Was meant to be Cheba, Nikill, Lokey and Soker painting, but ended up just being the first three doing the honours in the end.

Not the easiest night to be diligent with pictures really, so just got some random snaps along the way. Here’s one side about halfway through with Nikill doing his thing.

And the other side, with the outline of Lokey’s piece laid out.

Came back a bit later and had come on really quickly, love this busted can image.

Cheba doing his thing up top, think the whole piece worked together really well.

Then towards the end really, Lokey just adding some finishing touches.

There was all manner of new fangled youth music going on down the other end of the venue as well, this photo sums it up pretty well.

Finally the pretty much finished piece, really like it, and if you do too, apparently it’s going to be auctioned off through Venue magazine pretty soon.

Roll on part 2 tonight!

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