Stuff To Do This Weekend

Just a round up really, as this weekend’s got a fair bit going on.

Of course, it’s Graffle tonight down at Paintworks, should be a great night, and still not too late to buy tickets for it until the draw’s drawn, at least it wasn’t last year and haven’t heard any different.

If you’re on your way down that way from the noth of the city, then you might want to swing by the cascade steps by the Watershed, where apparently there’s a replica of the Clifton Suspension Bridge being built out of ice as a Smirnoff promotion, along with free vodka. It’s not massively graffiti, but it might sort of be street art, and either way there’s free booze if you fancy it.

Later on tonight and of course tomorrow as well there’s the whole Bun Fight! thing down at Start the Bus, with lots of Weapon of Choice live painting antics. Saturday’s painting line up has been confirmed as Mr Riks, Molar, Epok and Poe now as well, should be great.



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2 responses to “Stuff To Do This Weekend

  1. live painting tonight will be myself (cheba), Lokey, Soker & Nikill

  2. Spuddy Holly

    I happend to pass by the Smirnof Ice Suspension bridge today – Awesome piece of work…
    And a free shot of lime vodka to spice up the walk back to work. Good job i had some extra strong mints in me pocket like…

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