Mr Jago London Solo Show Review

Back from an awesome night at Mr Jago’s first London solo show at Stolen Space Gallery in Shoreditch. The work was brilliant, his best yet, and a whole load of the Bristol graf/street art scene had made the journey to come and see it over beer or two. So much so someone joked that they may as well have renamed the gallery ‘The Bell’.

Was planning on putting the photos up now, but you know what, it’s past 1am, First Great Western trains suck, and putting up that many photos would probably be a happier task in the morning.

Will update this post in a bit!

UPDATE: Here y’go then…

So, a whole mix of work, from acrylic and spray paint to ink on paper to the famous ‘ink and gutta on silk pieces’. The works were divided around the gallery by what they were, and to be honest think it was the best approach. Here’s a whole wall of silks…

The framing on some of them really help pull them off the wall a bit visually, lovely pieces, very pastely compared with some of the other silks before now. Pretty cheap too considering there would have been a gallery mark up as well, small ones in the middle were £600 each, bigger ones something like £1200 or £1400 or thereabouts.

Close up on one of the silks…

…and the other set on the other end of the wall, the two in the middle had been red dotted before the show even opened it seemed.

Next to the silks a couple of darker pieces, one of the right is the original for the print that was on sale at the show too.

Across the other side of the gallery were some different but equally cool pieces.

Including this silk japanese style screen, the wooden frame itself was apparently very carefully hand crafted by an expert, with Jago adding the silks. Awesome piece.

Bit more of a close up on that one.

Next to it, some more pastely pieces, really liked this one.

But not as much as this awesome piece, best bit on the whole show, a massive diptych, crap in a photo, stunning in the flesh.

Couple more pieces in a similar seemingly scratched out style next to it too.

That’s one of the things about getting in early isn’t it, not everything’s necessarily been hung yet…

Framed paper pieces, kinda like the stuff in The Bell when the First Great Weston print was launched.

Another large painty canvas…

…and a red one next to it, sure there was a similar one around somewhere on the web a few months back.

Took a wander round the Brick Lane area beforehand, it really does far exceed what Bristol’s doing in sheer quality and quantity of street stuff at the moment, annoying really. Bristol could take a lead in this stuff and put itself on the map even more than it already is you know, if only the council/whoever would realise the potential and get properly behind it instead of being completely in two minds on the whole thing.

Saw lots, obviously, but was amused to find this small 45RPM owl, a long way from home but looking happy enough with it.

People outside of and heading into the show, the last photo of the day. What goes on Shoreditch stays on Shoreditch. Well, not really, wasn’t exactly carnage, but as mentioned tons of Bristol folk had come over for it, so it was a fair old party, especially with the Big Chill bar round the corner once the show shut. Hello to all the lovely people there who read this blog by the way, was good to meet you all!

Brilliant show though, if you’re in London or ever round that way, do stop into the Stolen Space Gallery and check it out, photos really can’t do it justice.


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2 responses to “Mr Jago London Solo Show Review

  1. Ige Smalls

    Brilliant work – Mr Jago got more than skillz. Big up to him and Stolen Space Gallery. Great descriptive commentary by the way. Will be crossing the river to head East and ch-ch-check it out – (no doubt).


  2. rose in the East
    bloomed in the West
    ruled the Capital on 9/11


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