3Dom On Stokes Croft

This went up yesterday, thanks to Paul (and Chris) for the heads up and photos. Down on that regular space next to the City Centre Sauna (always seemed an odd place for a health club), 3Dom’s put together what looks like a 9-11 referencing piece, appropriate enough for the date of painting.

Long shot, more quotation going on. “No previous steel framed skyscraper had ever totally collapsed due to anything except controlled explosion, so why did it happen 3 times on September 11th?” is what it looks like it finally reads.

This one would make a great caption competition…

Will get down there later for a finished shot of the whole thing. Hope those ‘j911ob’ conspiraloons are still reading this blog…


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23 responses to “3Dom On Stokes Croft

  1. Glad he’s keeping on with the telly image, it’s a good one.

    PS – got some new stuff on my Flickr, including a new(ish – old stencil, new arrangement/placement) Nick Walker on the side of a tannery, if you’re interested.

  2. Spuddy Holly

    “No previous steel framed skyscraper had ever totally collapsed due to anything except controlled explosion, so why did it happen 3 times on September 11th?”

    Errrr, just perhaps it might have been because two enormous fuel laden 747’s flew into them…?

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Yeah, but who allowed the towers to be built there in the first place? The government, that’s who…

    …and isn’t it just a little too convenient that ‘George Bush’ isn’t an anagram of ‘Osama Bin Laden’?

  4. I wonder whether the inverted commas are significant?

    No previous steel framed skyscraper had ‘ever’ totally collapsed due to anything except controlled explosion, so why did it happen 3 times on September 11th?


  5. You may have a chuckle now, but unfortunately the day will come when your posts are treated with likewise contempt. I’ve already started laughing.

    “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance” – A. Einstein

    But obviously this quote isn’t related to ‘conspiracy theories’, silly me. My government tells the gospel truth, I repent. That right brain activity best stop now hey.

    Ha ha.

  6. spuddy holly, wtf?

    @ spuddy holly, please do your research, its people like you that im really scared of. dont believe everything you read, and yes planes hit the building, they were designed to take plane crashes (research) and the heat from the fire would not melt steel(research), and it fell in its own footprint (again research), numerous companys took out insurance weeks before the attacks ( you know what im gona say), you cant argue with the laws of science, please research, you probably believe the polish burnt down the hitlers wreistag too! (RESEARCH), god help us all!

  7. spuddy holly, wtf?

    ps 3 buildings! (research)

  8. bristolgraffiti

    Sorry, this blog is deliberately not about one (or any) person, it’s about what’s going on in Bristol, but have to get personal here. I lived in New York for a while, i knew people who were in those towers on 9/11, others who worked right by them, and used to enjoy a cocktail or five in Windows on the World myself.

    Some people i knew thankfully escaped the tragedy, but some didn’t. Having spent the afternoon, evening and night of 9/11/01 desperately on the phone to the states, constantly getting an engaged tone as the whole eastern seaboard phone system was jammed, it’s something i’ve taken pretty damn personally since.

    There was no clear conspiracy. There was a massive fuck up. Despite all the systems put in place after the ’93 attempt, there was nothing meaningful done to prevent the attack and the massive damage caused by two large planes flying into the towers. US flight security used to be crap. Saw that first hand.

    The thing that fucks me off about this whole 9/11 conspiracy thing is the way it lets the government off for it’s actual failings. They fucked up. They didn’t treat the intelligence about the attacks properly, and they had no decent plan for dealing with the aftermath. So many people died needlessly as a result.

    Of course the government doesn’t tell the truth, sheesh. No government ever has. But that doesn’t make your ‘truth’ right by default as a result.

    Sure, 9/11 has provided ‘reasons’ for wars they wanted to fight anyway, and has been used as an excuse for many other repressive laws too. But i’ve done the research, a lot, first hand, and you shouldn’t confuse the reasons behind what happened with some big conspiracy.

    To do so just lets the people guilty of incompetence resulting in mass death off the hook. Having had friends die in those towers, i’m not gonna see that happen.

    Anyway, back to the graf…

  9. bristolgraffiti

    By the way, ‘spuddy holly, wtf’, it was spelt ‘Reichstag’, and the people tried for the fire were Dutch, German and Bulgarian.

    And anyway, let’s not confuse the issue by resort to Godwin’s Law…

  10. spuddy holly wtf?

    apologise for the incorrect spelling, i understand your personal connection with the 9/11 events and wouldnt want to take that away from, i had an auntie and uncle who both worked in those towers on the 83 and 110th floors, by grace of god they had a family holiday the week of the tragedy, all io ask people is to question the overwhelming facts and numerous engineers and scientists whio have been brave enough to now come forward and express their beliefs, planes did hit the towers, but it is impossible for buildings of that size to collapsed in a pancake fashion,and at freefall speeds, also building 7 collapsed due to ‘fire’. watch the videos again, it perfectly mirrors a controlled demolition. the fires would of burnt out, i believe america and their plan for new world order would never have been propelled so quickly without having to create, as george bush seniour puts ‘ a new pearl harbour’ (watch aaron russo interview, former friend of david rockefeller head of the world bank).people were responsible. but not the ones fox news (owned by rupert murdoch, member of the bilderberg group) wants youn to focus on

  11. spuddy holly wtf?

    sorry, back to the graf!

  12. The graffiti is there to spark debate, this website included.

    I’m one of the questioning engineers registered on:


    Newton’s laws of motion can’t lie, Cheney & Bush have and do.

    Dude, watch 9/11 Press For Truth to see that it is the family members who are asking the hard questions, their loved ones didn’t escape the tragedy.



  13. spuddy holly wtf

    thankyou 911truthbristol, its all so logically when face facts!!!!

  14. thefreshprince

    That tv image is well original, fear the media, its like being afraid of the thought police… Wooooohh

  15. spuddy holly wtf

    ^^^^^ im geussin you work at mcdonalds!!

  16. Spuddy Holly

    So what exactly is it that you conspiracy theory pushers are getting at?

    It seems like with so many people coming up with their own twists on what they think ‘really’ happend, the theorys have become clouded and wishy-washy.

    My original point was that I dont know what the truth is, any more than you do – but i do know that it is a fact that 2 plane hit those buildings and they collapsed as a result.

    Is that so hard to believe?!

  17. spuddy holly, wtf?

    to be honest, yeah it is hard to believe, all us ‘conspiracy thoerists’ are saying is that, two planes hit the buildings, fact! the planes would of burnt out, there is no scientific way they could of demolished the builings like they did, even at all,. the us government and the bilderberg group have created false flag operations throuighout history, where they create incidents on their own soil or help to instigate incidents in order to get national patiotism on their side so its easier to do whatever they like, in this case a war on iraq and soon to be war on iran and venezuela, they want a new world order, one government, one currency, no opposition,their earth, start your research here, if you dont believe it, research, they own the media, there not going to let this 70 year old plan if not longer crumble under there own propaganda tool

  18. Well said ‘spuddy holly, wtf?’, slowly the apathy will evaporate when people start realising that this agenda, starting in earnest with 9/11 as it’s pretext, will affect everyone of us.

    Then we might start acting like adults, I hope.


    P.s. I’m an engineer and 2 planes can’t bring down 3 buildings, the third apparently due to thermal expansion from a few office fires. Wtf? Check out:


  19. carnie vegan warrior

    ahh “wtf?”, that mature expression used by people acting like adults everywhere.

  20. spuddy holly

    Of course…
    2 jumbo jets carrying tons of flamable fuel would simply burn out on impact – silly me.
    And the 2 buildings would have simply withstood the impact – of course!
    My mistake…

  21. spuddy holly, wtf?

    im glad you see the error of your ways!
    the laws of science prevail again!

  22. Paul

    Saw it again, I must get along and take a photo…

    I was really dissapointed that some ignorant fools have splashed purple paint over the website addresses..

    Then that led me to thinking, I never new bush cheney and the rest had come to visit bristol recently.

    The truth is all around us 🙂

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