The Dobber Machine At The Bell

You know when you go out and get pissed with your mates, you wake up with all photos of the crazy antics you get up to? Well, a recent morning after saw an awakening to photos of the tags and graf related stickers covering the condom machine in the gent’s toilet at Bristol’s favourite artist hang out, The Bell. Random.

Anyway, a different take on the whole graf thing, it remains to be seen if it’s one worth sharing.

So, one one side, a whole load of different stuff, sure you’ll spot stuff in there you recognise…

Down the bottom though, one of those Moomin Papa’s from back in the day, cool.

Round the front, Paris, Guerrilla Galleries, AAGH, etc.

Even bigger AAGH piece at the top, must have taken a moment or two.

So, not a surprise to see Sickboy on this one then…

Round the other side some Cheba…

…above some London Police.

Finishing it up, up the top of the wall nearby, a rather high up Rowdy.

Seriously though, both Gents and Ladies at The Bell have been painted all over by Mr Jago and Dicy, so make sure to check out your gender appropriate one if you haven’t already, it’s a top pub to boot!

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