Another Pen…

Found this the other day down Leonard Lane in the centre, blogged here before. Lots of the former stuff’s gone now, and if ever there were a lane that needed a proper all over mural down the walls this is it, especially with the Centrespace Gallery there.

Love the pen’s words on this one, he’s got a point…

Someone could do with cleaning up the piss down there more often too, it properly stinks…


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3 responses to “Another Pen…

  1. ozz

    the gallery tell me the council clean the alley 2 times a week.
    it’s the chavs and chavesses who can’t control their bladders after a night on corn street bingeing wife-beater who need to be cleaned up.

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Twice a week and it still stinks like that, sheesh! That alley needs some of them portable urinals putting in then, as well as a massive mural all the way down it.

    Who says this blog doesn’t cover the difficult issues at the cutting edge of graffiti…

  3. People have been pissing in that alley for hundreds of years, maybe it’s the council cleaning it up that makes it stink. Wasn’t that bad when I was down there in July. Mind you, neither was that pen graf.

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