You Know What Grinds My Gears?

Ever see that episode of Family Guy where Peter Griffin gets his own show to rant about stuff that really pisses him off? This post feels kinda like that…

For a while now, a body called Pest Control has existed to provide official authentication for Banksy prints and paintings, given the amount of fakes on sale. It’s endorsed by Banksy (wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one doing the authenticating sometimes) and is all to the good in stopping fakes. Pest Control though wouldn’t authenticate any street piece, perhaps to stop Banksy being prosecuted for work done illegally, but far more likely not to encourage a trade where fakes are so much easier to produce, and to leave the street works where they should be, on the street.

Well, the news appeared on the BBC News website yesterday, that another committee or organisation has been set up called ‘Vermin’ (sheesh…) to ‘authenticate’ Banksy street pieces in order for them to be sold at auction. It seems to be being backed by scottish auctioneers Lyon and Turnbull who will be selling 5 ‘Banksy’ street pieces at an auction coming up soon.

Really, how f**ked up is that. If you wanted to drop that kind of money on a Banksy piece, would you seriously take the word of an unknown ‘group of experts’, potentially set up with a vested interest in profiting from their own decisions? Hopefully serious collectors and the people with the money to spend on this stuff will see this for what it is, a complete load of nonsense that can only open the floodgates to yet more street pieces being hacked badly out of walls in order to gain an authenticity that no-one can really give.



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3 responses to “You Know What Grinds My Gears?

  1. Also, who the fuck buys a wall. Who? Would you? I wouldn’t. If I had that much money, I would be taking routes to get a commissioned piece from artists that would look better in my living room/private gallery. When you take it off the streets, Banksy’s work doesn’t WORK.

  2. And what about when you can’t find the droids you’re looking for?

  3. William Burroughs

    Not all the “Street pieces” as defined by PCO are walls.
    They also will not “authenticate” a vehicle spraypainted by Banksy and Inkie in 1998 and 1999 although these are seriously interesting works and deserve recognition. Why is that?
    Why shouldn’t the owners of the vehicle sell at auction? Who are PCO to say they shouldn’t sell at auction and refuse a certificate even though this vehicle is a well known, documented work?

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