Graf By Robin Hood’s Retreat – Updated

Knew there’d be more to this when it was blogged yesterday, and thanks to the ever helpful Guerrilla Galleries for nipping along to take some photos of the rest of what’s there at the moment.

Long shot, all the artist’s names getting caught up in a spiraling whirlpool, a reference to this being the wall of a washing machine shop?

Angle from the other end, with the KTF crew title over the top.

The work of Riks right?

Heard Ryda had come up from the south coast somewhere for this, always cool to see people coming to Bristol to paint.

As mentioned before, it’s not done yet, talk of people like Cato, Soker and Sepr on the way to add to it too, looks like being quite a piece when done…


Filed under Bristol, Cato, Cheba, Lokey, Molar, Mr Riks, Sepr, Soker

2 responses to “Graf By Robin Hood’s Retreat – Updated

  1. sam

    ryda painted in bristol ago know your history.

  2. eightyse7en

    Ryda was/still is a writer from swindon……

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