Guerrilla Galleries Updates

Been a bit quiet for Guerrilla Galleries up on Gloucester Road over the summer, but sounds like things are going to be picking up again over the next few months.

First up, to go with all of the live painting that’ll be happening at the Bristol Festival in a few weeks, GG’s going to have an exhibition in a marquee down there, so if you like the work of someone you see painting down there, you may well be able to pick up something of theirs to take back with you.

After that, there’s going to be a new show launching at the Gallery itself at the end of September, full line up not yet confirmed, but China Mike, Cheo, Jim Starr and, interestingly, Zase (who did this off Ashley Hill and this on B-Side) are all looking like being there amongst others.

Then, the plan is for a new show every month, with some solo shows of big Bristol names rumoured, and a more coherent and installation style to the way the work is presented than before. Sounds ace…

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One response to “Guerrilla Galleries Updates

  1. Good news. I’m sure there’s a space left by the closure of the wonderful workshop and its monthly exhibitions that GG could fill.

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