September’s Weapon Of Choice

Mentioned this a week or two back, but there’s a flyer an ting out for it now. September’s Weapon of Choice will be down Mr Wolf’s on Tuesday the 9th of September (a week today), with Sepr and Awkward doing the honours on the paint pens.

If you’ve read this blog ever you’ll have seen Sepr’s work before (if not do a search), but Awkward may be less well known, so pleasingly a reader called Matt has sent in some snaps of work by Awkward to share with you all.

Lovely stuff. Get down there next week for more!


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3 responses to “September’s Weapon Of Choice

  1. josh

    how come you never report anything on kero/ok or kero okhey? his works allover bristol .

  2. Awkward

    whats that got to do with this post homeboy?

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Not missing him out deliberately, but this blog doesn’t cover just straight tagging, and to be honest not seen too many big pieces by him, maybe looking in the wrong place…

    If you’ve got photos then email them in!

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