Graf At Recydrate The West

Tough call this weekend just gone, go check out the goings on at the Project 360 event in the centre, or go to a West Country Cider Festival relocated to the middle of nowhere in Wales.

This blog opted for the latter, but thankfully there was some Bristol graf related stuff there, in amongst the carnage.

It was a tiny festival, so what was there was kinda confined to a few spots. Surprised to see this on the way in, presumably done for the last time this festival was on in 2006, a massive entrance gate painted by Sickboy.

Not the easiest to get a photo of in the cloud and rain.

So chopped up a bit, here’s one side…

…and the other…

…and the middle.

Most of the rest was either side of the main stage. Like everywhere at the moment, lots of Sepr, would be interested to know the story behind this one.

This was a lovely big bit by Sepr and Epok.

This one was unsigned, and looked like it had been up somewhere before before being taken down and put up again here, possibly one from the 2006 festival. Got pretty trashed by the end of this one sadly.

Really liked this one by 2Keen.

More Sepr.

This was very cool but unsigned, anyone any ideas?

and another that seemed to have been put up before elsewhere, the join didn’t match.

Otherwise the only other bit of note on site was this van. It was actually on the other side of the festival fence, and didn’t go round to get better photos of it, but know someone who did so shall see if can get those at some point. Anyway, nice piece round this side…

…and round the other side (and the front if memory serves) a whole load of Before Chrome going on. They’re getting about at the moment aren’t they.

Cool festival though, shame not to have got photos of the Project 360 antics though, but if anyone reading did and wants to share them, then get in touch – bristolgraffiti AT


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3 responses to “Graf At Recydrate The West

  1. keens characters are off the rocker…props!!

  2. the green character with the gun pic, unsigned, part of ‘happy suicide’ by 2keen and the one underneath is too..

    very sick

  3. actually that is signed, the girl with the mask is a keen too even…. easy

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