Banksy On Brandon Hill?

Suspect this one is a fake, it’s an odd location, where you’d spray if you were sitting on the bench, and the ‘Y’s quite shoddily done (the ‘s’ looks a bit sharply cut for that matter). He’s not done this straight up stencil tagging stuff for yonks now either.

But it is quite worn, and has been shown to someone who knows his stuff who thinks it may be right.

But, well, it’s there if you wanna go check it out and make your own mind up.


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2 responses to “Banksy On Brandon Hill?

  1. fresh prince

    Yo, thats been there for years mate. I think it might well be real.

    Also, i think ive spotted somthing new by Banksy in eastville. It looks like he didnt get to finish for whatever reason, but there is an “NKSY” visible from a certain angle along the railings of the big round about,under the m32 by Tescos and Ikea, its only visible when the railings line up from one angle, its pretty fuckin clever and would take some serious thought and organisation to make, which makes sence, im thinking he got spotted attaching them halfway through. But i expect to see more of these. ill try and grab a photo.

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Years huh? Well I’ll be, must have been walking past it all this time, cheers man. Be cool if it were, just looked like such a place where you’d spray it if sitting there pissed looking out at the view.

    Actually, come to think of it, maybe it is an old Banksy then.

    Ta for the spot on the Eastville thing, blogged it already a couple of months or so back. Consensus seems to be it’s not him, but it’s bloody well done whoever did it. Still want to know more about it though, why go to all that trouble to fake something like that?

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