Graf At Shambala Festival

Thanks loads to Midas for sending these in, some photos of some of the painting that went on at the Shambala Festival last week.

Few different things going on on site by the sounds of things. Biggest one for this blog was a bunch of Bristol related folks getting together to build and paint a massive fort.

This side’s Will Barras, Ponk and Paris

Finishing off one corner looks like some Yaka

Whilst Mr Jago took some time out from preparing for his upcoming exhibition to paint the other end of that side.

People like feek and Dicy were there too, so should be some more photos around that can be dug out of the other sides of this construction, will see if they can’t be found.

Then, as ever at a festival, some other bits were put up here and there. Here’s some Rowdy and Sweet Toof.

Then some as yet unindentified bits. If you know the answers, comment away.

Not 100% certain on this one, same person as does the brains round Stokes Croft?

No immediate idea here, nice though.

and this is really lovely, in an arty kinda way. Photo of it seems to work better at night somehow.

So, there you have it, hopefully some more photos of this festival coming along soon, but looks to have been some good stuff.


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4 responses to “Graf At Shambala Festival

  1. Nice to see the pics of what the ‘Bristol’ folks splashed, very dope. Anyone any idea who did the last piece, it’s very sweet?

  2. The last one is by Mac-1, he is one of the original photo-realistic uk graffiti artists. The eyes are stunning.

    He will be exhibiting at the Shambala Art Exhibition in London next week. See for more information.

  3. A non 'E' mouse

    The montage piece is ‘Junc’. The brain is LL Brainwashed (yep he does brains). The eyes are Mac 1.

  4. bristolgraffiti

    Awesome, ta for the info!

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