Fanzine Reviews – Font Freak And Issue 2

Meant to do this a while back, but only just got round to it…

Anyway, there are two graf related fanzines around at the moment. Well, there are loads more obviously, but there are two around in this blog post anyway, ‘Font Freak’ by Bristol’s own 45RPM, and ‘Issue 2’ from Pirate Press.

You should buy them both, obviously, and if you’re getting paid at the end of the month and want to do so without reading the rest of this, then go right ahead. Font Freak can be bought here whilst Issue 2 is available through those good people at Tangent Press.

If however, in these times of looming recession, you’re a bit more choosy with your pennies, then here’s some thoughts on them both.

Overall, they’re both great.

Font Freak, as you might expect, is more focussed on the letterforms, and has a pretty bonkers array of reprints from lots of different people’s sketchbooks, from simple tags to sketches for larger pieces. Lots of shots of work outdoors as well, of the kind you probably won’t see on this blog, and a couple of brief interviews with Nylon and Ponk. If you’re into your letters, or actually especially if you’re not, you could spend hours looking at this one.

Issue 2 on the other hand feels a bit rawer and edgier, lots of shots of people painting trains or having just painted trains, along with a good few of painted trains. Really good photos as it happens, interestingly composed and whathaveyou, you’d probably enjoy it just for that if you were into your photography.

Alongside all this train work are some shots of some Sickboy work, some bits that have appeared on his site before now, but some others that, from memory, don’t seem to have done.

So, that’s the magazines themselves, but if you’re still hard pressed to decide, then what else do you get for your cash?

Well, as ever, stickers/postcards come with both of them, integral parts of a good fanzine.

Issue 2 gives you this fine selection of silkscreen printed stickers, even some that leave you some writing space of your own, presumably for purposes such as attaching to the fridge to leave a message for your flatmate to buy some more milk or the like.

Font Freak on the other hand has fewer stickers, but does have some full colour antics going on, as well as some postcards, that perhaps students newly arrived in Bristol this September may care to send to their parents back home to reassure them that all is still well. Heading across the channel and posting Paris’s postcard from Paris might add an interesting element of wordplay to the Royal Mail service as well if you’ve a care.

If still undecided, there are some more facts that might help you make your purchasing decision.

  • Font Freak is stapled on the spine whilst Issue 2 is cotton stitched
  • Issue 2 is slightly larger, at 62 pages, than Font Freak at 58.
  • Perhaps unsurprisingly then, Issue 2 comes in a slightly larger plastic bag than Font Freak.

Other than that the choice is yours. To be honest though, you should probably just buy both.


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8 responses to “Fanzine Reviews – Font Freak And Issue 2

  1. My Font Freak was delivered by hand by 45rpm’s missus, and had a turtle drawn on the back of the envelope. Whereas I guess Issue 2 is professionally printed. Think I’ll get I2 now too, cheers for the tip off.

  2. jamie

    Issue 2 is not professionally printed. all done on a home printer…

    D.I.Y culture.

  3. bobby dazzler

    oh god what side do i choose!! FANZINE FIGHT

    font freak has more people than china in it!! awesome

  4. 45rpm

    Issue two ia a beaut… some quality pics in there, well worth buying while you can.

  5. etch1

    Where can I buy either or both of these – not being arsed to go through the whole setting up of paypal thing? Cheers, E1.

  6. bristolgraffiti

    Not sure about the offline arrangements to be honest.Know Issue 2 is in the Here Gallery in Bristol, dunno about Font Freak.

    Drop Tangent Books a line for Issue 2 (link to them is at top of article), and you can get in touch with 45RPM to buy Font Freak through

  7. etch1

    Nice one mate. Cheers

  8. jamie

    theres some more photos of issue two on eko systems:

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