Not So Supermarket, Not So Super…

Apologies to those who headed down to Start The Bus on Sunday for the ‘live graffiti’ that was meant to be taking place there, as it didn’t. Apparently the organisers couldn’t afford it in the end, but should definitely be having some going on at an event in October.

Really annoys when stuff like this happens, guess with the popularity of graffiti based stuff at the moment, it’s a quick win for a promoter to chuck ‘live graffiti’ into a listing and then not go through with it when they find out that paint and the like costs cash. People always seem to think artists will all just paint for free.

Anyway, on a happier note, Cheba, who’s organising the live painting at the Bristol Festival in a few weeks is still up for hearing from artists and writers who aren’t yet booked in to paint at the event, if you’re up for it, get in touch with him at – cheba_bristol AT

Also, having survived the summer exodus of punters, the next Weapon of Choice will be on September 9th, with Awkward and Sepr confirmed to be painting there. There’s talk of Feek putting in an appearance someday soon too, which would be ace…

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