PRSC Reaches Its Boundary?

This piece was carefully put up down at the Stokes Croft end of The Bearpit last week, and no sooner had it gone up than it was removed by the council’s ‘Clean and Green’ team.

It may not have been a fully authorised piece, and a policy is a policy, but it seems a real shame that as soon as someone tries to make an improvement to an area off their own bat, the council steps in to remove it.

Understandable perhaps if The Bearpit were a beautiful old Georgian circus, or a construction of equal beauty and worth, but it’s not is it? It’s probably one of the most run down and neglected places in the whole of the centre, if not Bristol itself. What possible logic is there in removing attempts to make an area better, effectively spending taxes on keeping an area looking run down?

Perhaps those of us who pay for the council in taxes might want to get in touch and point out what we think about the issue. Councillors are generally a good first point of contact.

Hat tip: Steve W.


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2 responses to “PRSC Reaches Its Boundary?

  1. ozz

    to be honest, although the message is ok, the style and, particularly, colours used are/were not good – it looks like a warning sign.
    (never did like the yellow and black prsc use – reminds me of danger)

    i know the angel was buffed, but perhaps something more flowing/organic/softer/more WELCOMING, would have been better. (that said, without permission, it’s not going to last anyway)

  2. Chris Chalkley

    Sorry you don’t like the style… this was a test piece, cos he whole of the bear pit is covered in anti-graff, and we were usinf dulux super sticky primer… I agree that it is a bit stark on its own, but the next stage would have been to develop a floral frieze around the frame… Still, it has stirred things up…

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