The Cans Festival Opens

So, the reworked Cans Festival opened this morning in London, all freehand graf this time. Flickr‘s going to be your best bet for photos throughout this weekend probably, but if you’re heading down, apparently the Bristol or Bristol related names to look out for are Paris, Mudwig, Eko, Will Barras, Xenz, Feek, Sickboy, Mau Mau and Inkie amongst others.

Will try to get some photos up here as they emerge, but in the meantime, here’s an awesome one that’s around on the web, and we seem to have permission to publish from the person who commissioned it, of a work by Busk.

Love it.

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Filed under Abroad, Busk, Eco, Feek, Inkie, Mau Mau, Mudwig, Paris, Sickboy, Will Barras, Xenz

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