Project 360 Painting Update

Taken a short while to hear back from anyone, but finally got details on who’s going to be painting at the Project 360 event coming up next weekend (30th and 31st August).

Seems the Council’s actually got something good together on this one, cos the people painting on the day will be FLX, Feek, Mr Jago, Dan and Rowdy.

There’s also going to be some scheduled workshops going on over the weekend, and a long length of hoarding that will be open for anyone to turn up and paint, so grab some cans and get down there if you’re so inclined!


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7 responses to “Project 360 Painting Update

  1. Anon

    cheers for this, im up for a paint but the bloke was taking ages to respond and i didnt think i’d have time to get paint, you’re a life saver mate

  2. Anon

    little update, pretty sure mr jago isnt gonna be their as i got an e-mail back from him that said he was on holiday until september 1st

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Not at all, it’s what the blog’s here for. Shame if Mr Jago isn’t going to be there for it, may have a bit of a look at that further…

  4. bristolgraffiti

    Just chatted to a bod at the council, sounds like Mr Jago should be there, will blog some more info on it this evening…

  5. Sorry folks, Jago definately won’t be painting due to prior commitments

  6. Anon

    Bugger, hope they didnt do it just to attract people like start the bus. Hopefully FLX, Feek, Dan and Rowdy’ll turn up as well as a few others who arent signed on.

  7. bristolgraffiti

    No, pretty sure on this one it’s a genuine mix up, think the others should be there too, rowdy and flx or dan meant to be running workshops there too, can’t remember which of the latter two it was!

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