Anyone Fancy Some VJ Antics?

Had an interesting email arrive here at blogging towers, and not really sure who if anyone might be the best person to help, so thought it best to throw it out to you all on here.

I play in a band called Voice of the Bomb. We play original electro rock songs about lunatics,. We’ve done about 5 gigs so far and the reaction’s been immense so now we’re developing a stage show with a VJ.
We need content to present (and animate) and I was thinking it would be great to involve Bristol’s graffiti artists in the project. I need really talented, creative people who’d like to illustrate our rather picturesque lyrics (BUT PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE EXPLICIT LYRICS IF YOU’RE EASILY SHOCKED!!!!).
I was wondering, do you know of any groups or individuals I could approach about it? I know nothing about the Bristol graffiti scene. Given the content I think they’d have to be 16+ or at least not 10.

Our website’s . There are MP3s and lyrics up there (with our live Fleece gig).

So, if anyone out there is up for lending a hand, then get in touch with them, there’s a contact page on their website! 

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