The Cans Festival Part 2

Didn’t cover the last Cans Festival on here, it wasn’t in Bristol and wasn’t just Bristol artists by a long way. Think the blog was getting a bit heavily Banksy based at the time too.

Anyway, the tunnel where it happened is getting repainted today and tomorrow, ready to reopen on Saturday this weekend.

There are lots of rumours flying around about it at the moment, but it’s probably not giving away too many secrets to say this one’s not necessarily looking to be all stencil based work like the last one.

But the most exciting bit from this blog’s perspective is the talk of the number of Bristol artists painting there. Lots and lots of them seem to be being talked about as putting in an appearance, and it’ll be interesting to see what they all get up to when in the same place. If indeed they are going to be there. Of course. This whole thing’s fully embargoed at the moment.

Flickr’s going to be your best bet for up to date photos of this one once it opens, but if anyone gets some good ones of the Bristol based or Bristol linked people there they wouldn’t mind sharing, then do send them on in – bristolgraffiti AT

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