Natrel Street Art Sponsorship

It’s totally breaking the rules this one, it’s not a Bristol artist and it’s not in Bristol, but gues it was sent in by a Bristol based reader.

There’s a possible warning in here for us though. Edmittance spotted and photographed this the other day on Great Eastern Street in trendy Shoreditch, some street art seemingly sponsored by a deodorant company.

What do you make of it? There’s room in the idea for someone to do this on a comedy basis (like Banksy’s ‘authorised graffiti areas’ back in the day). But at the same time, it seems more likely that companies sponsoring pieces on the street may be a shrewd thing for them to do, marketing wise. Wouldn’t be surprised if it were an idea that makes it across to Bristol fairly soon if it is true.

Good idea/Bad idea?


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5 responses to “Natrel Street Art Sponsorship

  1. Will

    have you not seen the ‘street art tunnel’ at the tate sponsored by Nissan..

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Thankfully not it seems! Got a link?

  3. mmm all I could find was this

    but yeah… was there last week and noticed the nice Nissan logo on the side…

    heres a photo

  4. ozz

    i thought all the pretty pictures around the city that had company names on them were called advertising hoardings and were owned by adshel

  5. Steve

    Haven’t been down to have a look, but I think this has been going on in Bristol as well…

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