Bristol Festival Live Painting Update

As mentioned in a previous comment yesterday, here’s an update on who’s going to be painting as part of the fun of the Bristol Festival coming up in September.

It’s pretty much everyone.

Nah, not necessarily, and the final line-up’s not confirmed yet, but word has it that pretty much everyone who’s ever painted at Weapon of Choice will be painting there, with Inkie, Kato, Chu, Song, Lokey, Seza, Sums and the TCF crew 100% confirmed so far. Some of the painting will be going on on boards around the site, but others will be painting on the main stage, Inkie, Cheba, Nikill, Lokey, Mr Jago lined up for doing that at the moment.

There’s gonna be more painting at one of the evening events at Blue Mountain that night too (the whole festival’s based around daytime events in the centre before heading out into various Bristol venues on the Saturday evening.

So, is it too early to call it Walls on Fire 2? Your call, but either way, it looks like it’s gonna be huge.

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