Upcoming event – UP Fest 2008

There’s an interesting event being put together at the moment called UP Fest 2008 (UP Fest standing for Urban Paint Festival). It’s going to be on the 19th of October down at the Tobacco Factory, and is going to try to bring together around 50 different artists, all of an ‘urban’ style, to paint a whole load and auction some of the work off at the end of it.

It’s all for charity, the charity for this one being the National Association for Children of Alcoholics, and along with a possible auction there are going to be a few other fundraising things going on as part of it as well.

The list of artists confirmed so far include;

Dale Grimshaw
Seb Pape
David Walker
Karl Read
Run pig run
Rpm (presumably 45RPM)
The Art Tart
Rebel Not Taken
Simon Cauty

so not a massively Bristol based showing at the moment. Other artists are showing interest as well though apparently, and if you fancy having a paint down there, you’ve got until the end of this week to get in touch with them with a link to some of your work.

You can contact them at UPFest2008 AT googlemail.com , and hope to bring you more on this as it emerges.

There’s a lot coming up now the summer’s drawing closed to an end, more bloggage on other similar events coming up this week…


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2 responses to “Upcoming event – UP Fest 2008

  1. Thanks for the heads up. That’s going to be a long list of names once there all in – should generate a fair bit of charity cash.

    Heard any more on the live paint at the Bristol Festival (ex-Ashton Court)? That one I would thought would be more Bristol-based.

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Hah, yep, was gonna blog that one tomorrow!

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