Sickboy By Temple Meads

Speaking of Sickboy temples…

As you come into Bristol Temple Meads on the line from the north (Cardiff, Cheltenham, Birmingham, etc) you go through some low tracks cut through the hill (probably Narroways Hill). If you look out on your right here, you may just catch sight of an old Sickboy temple on a railway box of some kind.

It’s been a bugger to get a photo of for ages now, always ending up with stuff like this…

…as the train sped past.

The other day though, the train was thankfully rubbish, allowing this slightly better shot of it.

Check it out next time you’re on that line. Think there may have been a bigger one a little further down on the other side, but couldn’t see it recently.

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One response to “Sickboy By Temple Meads

  1. Big up Bristolers…
    Keep Burnin!

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