Graf At Shambala Festival

Not a festival often associated with graffiti or spray can art really, but apparently through a happy set of circumstances, a whole load of Bristol’s finest will be painting some large pieces for this year’s Shambala Festival next weekend.

Amongst other bits of painting going on by writers from Birmingham and beyond, Dicy, Feek, Ponk, Mr Jago and Will Barras amongst others will be working together to build a huge square wooden fort in the children’s area and paint it all over with their own styles.

Elsewhere on site, Sickboy will be putting together a huge lifesize version of one of his red and gold temples that people will be able to walk around and through. It might be getting reused somewhere later in the year too…

Not photos as yet obviously, but hope to bring you some when there’s stuff to photograph!

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One response to “Graf At Shambala Festival

  1. chantal

    Bring on Shambala!

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