New Nick Walker…

Haven’t had a chance to go and check this one out yet, but Nick Walker’s joining in with the summer of pub painting, up on the excellent Highbury Vaults in High Kingsdown. A piece from the vandalism series, same one as was on canvas at the Black Rat Press show.

Will grab some photos soon, but the BBC article here’s got a good enough one anyway.

If you’re going up to check it out, then drop into Tiffin’s curry house across the street, there may still be a massive and rather lovely Nick Walker canvas on their wall in there too (unless it’s sold already).

UPDATE: Art-El‘s sent over this rather excellent snap of the piece, thanks!


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7 responses to “New Nick Walker…

  1. The BBC article originally cited it as being by Banksy, which cued at least a five minute rant from me earlier today. Won’t repeat it here, but sometimes I wonder if someone shouldn’t pitch themselves up as a talking head, just to help out the poor news outlets that have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to this field.

  2. deez nutz!

    well good!

  3. bobby dazzler

    i saw a stencil of a cat arresting a rat with a baby holding a gun with hearts coming out the end, i thought it was banksy, i work for the bbc.

  4. bristolgraffiti

    To be honest, these days it seems to be more like ‘I saw a stencil, I thought it was Banksy’ across all news media.

  5. AD

    Looks like a simple bite of Eine’s vandalism blockbusters in London / ATG’s recent use of hearts with typefaces & Banky’s people hanging out windows..

  6. bill

    nick walker is shit.. his work always looks cheezey as fuck

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