Stencils In Brighton

Bit more from the blog’s happy jaunt to Brighton the other week, this time some stencil based goodness. Not a massive amount of it around, but some interesting stuff here and there nonetheless.

Down on the seafront, a sinister seagull.

Tucked away on Ship Street (or somewhere round there), this little collection…

Opposite, a tribute piece to ‘Lisa W.B.’.

Just off Duke Street, found this tucked away. Little paste up above it too, quite a few of those around here and there.

Then of course there’s the well known Art Republic print gallery, currently with this C215 piece on the side of it.

With this Hutch piece just round the other side of the wall.

Further up the same street was this really nice piece, unsigned but more C215 would be the guess. Love it.

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One response to “Stencils In Brighton

  1. Ernesto Priego

    You are right, the last one is really nice; it’s just a shame that it’s (again) another Che Guevara.

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