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Whatever your thoughts on graffiti/street art/whatever, and hopefully people with a range of different views do read this blog, it’s worth knowing about the DPM crew campaign.

About a month ago, five members of the DPM crew from London were imprisoned for graffiti offences, one of them for up to two years. Now, one person’s art is another person’s vandalism and all that, but is prison really the right place for these people? At a time when there are so few prison spaces anyway? Wouldn’t alternative sentencing have been a less expensive and more productive use of everyone’s time?

It’s not really for this blog to tell you what to think to be honest, but it does seem useful to provide some pointers so you can hopefully go and make your own mind up on the issue.

So, if you’re a facebook type, check out the group here. It’s got contact details for the lads imprisoned, and everyone in prison appreciates receiving a letter to pass the time.

If you’re more into Myspace, the group’s here.

If you just want some background and different perspectives, the Independent covered it quite well.

and if you want to sign the petition for alternative sentencing for graffiti that’s part of this campaign (note not no sentencing, just alternative sentences to prison) then you can find that here.

(photo credit Support DPM Facebook group)


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2 responses to “Support DPM

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  2. Dad-e

    Thank you Bristol, for caring that young talented men are incarcerated for their art and not crimes involving guns knives violence and terrorism

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