A Bit More Brighton

Got quite a few photos of graf in Brighton by the looks of things. Interesting scene down there, at least on an initial glance, very little tagging but lots of big walls and quite a few stencils dotted around too.

This was one awesome big wall, by Seen and Cope2 from New York back in 2005. Wanted to get on that roof for a better look. Awesome.

Not far away there was this massive wall, hidden away off Bond Street, Bristol needs more of these massive spaces too, it’s not like there’s not enough ugly grey concrete around, nice and smoothly rendered.

This was a real treat though, a building site that looks like it’s been being painted for a good long while. Huge expanse of wall, rising up into other walls at one end, all fully painted up.

Well fenced off though, and no time to look for better angles, so with zoom running at full stretch, the best that came out were these.

and the bigger wall on the right of the site. Sure there are some familiar names in amongst all that…

Bristol’s where it’s at as far as this blog’s concerned, but Brighton’s got it going on too on this one…

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