TCF Bonfire Night Burner

Seems silly in a way, the most commonly viewed Bristol piece in this whole site has never actually had a blog to itself.

So, for anyone who’s liked the image header up there, here are some more shots of it.

It was done on the St Pauls side of Junction 3 of the M32 around bonfire night last year (hence the theme i guess), and was a rare reunion of lots of the TCF for a Bristol piece, along with some birthday shenanigans too apparently.

A closer shot from the right…

…and from the left.

Love these Feek doods at either end, this one topped off with some Paris.

Do names really matter in a piece like this? Dunno, but they’re so nicely written, seems foolish not to include them…

Not sure what state this piece is in at the moment, anyone seen it more recently than these photos (from the end of last year)?

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