Lots Of Old Banksy Pics

Have had a lot of old Banksy pics from around Bristol sent in over the last few months, and obviously going to share them here. Had had a plan to take photos of the wall as it looks now to contrast with what it was then, but that’s proving a little more time consuming than planned.

So, they’re no use just sitting around and will share them over the coming weeks. Seems a bit of an anti climax to drop them all at the same time as one big file download or the like though. Would be good to put some more backstory and thought to each one too.

Anyhoo, here’s a starter for 10, a Banksy Authorised Graffiti Area stencil, under the M32 roundabout in 2001 or so. Ironic in a way, as until recently that area was considered to be a pretty much authorised graffiti area.

(photo credit Neil C)

Don’t suppose anyone’s got a photo anywhere of how this one ended up?

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