End Of A Piece On Jamaica Street

Ever wonder what happens to pieces when the boards they’re on are taken down? Well, most of the stuff around Jamaica Street done as part of the PRSC project is still sitting safely with them, which is good.

Last week though, this piece…

(photo Credit Saturnine)

…ended up here.

Pity in a way, was quite a nice one. Ho hum.


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6 responses to “End Of A Piece On Jamaica Street

  1. Bilko

    So they just chuck them away?
    Im not surprised that the developers done give a hoot about the artwork, bit those thick sheets of ply wood cost about £30 a sheet…
    and they just go into landfill?
    What a waste.

  2. Another thing that could have gone to Graffle. I know a few people that would have loved to take that home. Idiots!!!

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Yeah, someone shouted across the street ‘They haven’t thrown that away have they? That’s criminal!’ as that photo was taken.

    Interesting point about the boards too, maybe some sort of recycling scheme could be set up for them, so they can be used for painting sometime. See enough of them in skips all the time.

  4. Adam Thoroughbegood

    Was pinching them not an option? I would have been tempted, but I’m away from Bristol currently. Would look pretty smart in someone’s garden.

  5. bristolgraffiti

    Nope, firmly wedged under a pile of crap. Skip was pretty much full and ready to be taken…

  6. Adam Thoroughbegood

    Good answer! Glad this was considered at least. Such a shame though.

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