Sepr Paints The Junction

There was a planning meeting for PRSC last night, sorting out what more can be done and who can volunteer to do it. Sure they’re still looking for people to help even if you couldn’t make the meeting, so do get in touch with them if you want to.

Anyway, as part of the meeting down at The Junction on Stokes Croft, a back wall was up for painting and a call put out for someone to paint it. Guessing no one came forward, as saw yesterday afternoon it was being painted by Sepr, pretty much Stokes Croft’s artist in residence at the moment!

Will try to get back for a shot of the finished piece anon…

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One response to “Sepr Paints The Junction

  1. You know, an actual artist-in-residence isn’t a bad idea for PRSC. It would expose a lot of new faces to everyday people.

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