First Great Weston – The Bristol Version Down The Bell

Back from the launch of the Bristol version of the First Great Weston print down The Bell off Jamaica Street, and what a wicked night it was. The print sold well, the crowd was fun, and a good time was had by all.

The pub opened at 5pm, and the print went on sale at 7pm, but the room where the print was being sold had some new art in it to check out too, which was cool…

Forgot to ask for names for it all, so is this Klingatron or SPQR or some one else? Corrective assistance in the comments would be appreciated! (The big splodge of light to the left is just a symptom of a bad photo, sorry…)

The rods in the chest are a giveaway surely, some new China Mike antics on canvas.

You know Mr Jago’s working hard towards a September show at Stolenspace? Well, here’s some of the fruits of that labour…

…and another. Sorry the photos are so bad, room was very dark, but they’re bloody lovely pieces, if it carries on like this, the show’s looking like it’s gonna be special.

Another bear down the end of the room. What’s the cap logo about then?

And here’s what you’re after, the Bristol edition of the First Great Weston print. Got the lights turned down in the pub to take it, but still not a Let Them Hang quality shot, which is a pity.

Still though, click on this one for biggerness. Couldn’t make out every new detail, that’s for the new owners to do anyway, but Paris and Dicy have a different colourway, the Toaster crew have a shout out on there, as do, deservedly, the Let Them Hang Crew.


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12 responses to “First Great Weston – The Bristol Version Down The Bell

  1. Andy Council

    The top piece is by DAN!

    • Rickbadger

      Really like that top piece – sorry for the ignorance, and dunno if anyone will stil be reading this thread, but ‘Dan’ who?
      Just got my FGW Bristol edition framed and loving it!!!

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Ah, course, think i may have even heard that mentioned at the time. Was a long night…

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Don’t know actually, all got a bit messy. Possibly not, but if not then it really wasn’t far off. Nice not to have some massive queue going on as soon as the doors opened though, back to how things used to be…

  4. Simon Sell-out

    I love it, streets and art, fused together, lots of money involved. It’s good cos bears in hats don’t instantly make you think of graffiti, but that fact it was all don with spray paint, its sneaky, i love it…

  5. bristolgraffiti

    Hah, comedy. Not sure it was spray paint you know, but nice go at irony anyway…

  6. deez nutz!

    blah blah!

  7. Does the logo on the bear’s hat stand for ‘Before Chrome’, Cyclops and Sweet Toof’s site? Nice canvases them like…

  8. bobby dazzler

    BC stands for Bristol City

  9. Jaye@Wildfire198

    Check the Will Barras, Sums and Richt action painted up in there too. Nice is that, caught it on Flickr a while back.

  10. Rickbadger

    Ah don’t worry – it’s just “Dan” isn’t it!?!
    Or am I barking up the wrong pole?

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