Lokey, Epok and Zesk Paint The St Werburghs Tunnel

Not covered the St Werburghs Tunnel here yet, which is silly really. You may remember it was given a bit of a new lease of life by the PRSC lot a few months back, giving it a base coat and encouraging a shed load of artists to come in and paint it all up.

Since then, it’s turned into a bit of a Dean Lane Skatepark style affair, with new pieces going up the whole time, so blogging everything going on there would be like painting the Forth Bridge.

Still though, got some snaps of some good stuff down there, and to start with, here are some just sent in by a reader, Lokey, Epok and Zesk’s work there on the weekend just gone, an ‘Afro Samurai’ themed wall.

Pretty big piece, here’s a long shot

Zesk and Lokey

Closer on the character

Epok’s bit was down the other end…

…and some more detail on his character.

Will blog some more photos from this tunnel soon, there’s tons there, but in a way you’re best off going to enjoy it in person. Why not head through it on the way down to The Farm for a pint?

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