This Week’s Venue…

Possibly off the back of all the recent activity in this area, this week’s Venue Magazine has an interesting article in about shops, clubs and the like in Bristol that have been given a lick of paint over the years by various graf and street artists. Most of you will know some or most of the bits in there, but a bit stupidly they’ve not all been covered on this blog yet, almost in a way because some of them are just part of the furniture now.

So, do go and check it out, and in the meantime, here’s a newish one that wasn’t featured in it, Santanos on the side of a Chinese and English cafe type place on St Michael’s HIll.


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2 responses to “This Week’s Venue…

  1. I don’t read Venue, so I dunno what’s in the article; is that bakery on Dean Lane mentioned?

  2. Actually, scrub that, it’s not a bakery, it’s a pub, I’ve got baking on the mind at the moment 😀

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