Picton Street Ghostboy Gone

Everyone knows this piece, not least as it always seemed to be popping up in Facebook groups and the like as people excitedly thought they’d found a Banksy. Was done in 2005, or maybe even 2004, so pretty old and had a good innings.

This was taken in March 2005…

…but it seems it’s gone now. Shame in a way as the space it was in framed it well. Still, nothing ever last forever.


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9 responses to “Picton Street Ghostboy Gone

  1. As much as I like seeing good pieces up, it’s a good thing when the old ones go. Otherwise nothing ever changes, it just stagnates.

  2. cord (tm)

    Shame it was covered with a bland Yuck throw-up.

  3. deez nutz!

    that yuck shit is wackkk!

  4. Teiresias

    I lived in the house opposite from there from about February 05 and it was there back then, only a month earlier than your photo, but hey …

    That Yuck throwup is crap though.

  5. Arfa Dailey

    Ha ha some of you lot make me laugh, whinging about yuck taking out some crappy stencil… this site should be renamed ‘Bristol street art acceptable for media darlings and trendy students’.
    I’m only responding to this particular thread because it summarises the site, and it’s readership in general.

    Graffiti is about one thing only: getting your name up. Its done by a number of means (tags, pieces, productions etc) and all of them stem back to one thing – your name in whatever medium / materials you have handy at that particular moment in time.

    That yuck is bland, but it does it’s job – a quick effective dub thats readable and takes minimal paint. While you readers all wring your hands and cry into your Hoxton inspired nu-rave clothing Yuck and people like CM, TNP, CKone, Kush, Mos, Dotcom etc are busy destroying the city and getting their name up..

    So what if it didn’t have a ‘theme’, lots of colours or is exhibited in some shitty gallery full of self congratulatory trendies and their fanbase of UWE student girls, the only recognition you need is to be noticed in the first place. Perhaps he only had half a tin of chrome and a lick of black… you get up by any means necessary, fuck all that painting only once a week when payday comes and you can order lots of ‘pretty colours’ over the internet..

    Thats not to say style isn’t important but its not mandatory. Check TOX in London for future references. I give the owner of this site real respect to putting in the time to run it but it is a very sanitised few of graff, the virtual equivilant of your mum saying to you ‘ooh I really like that colourful stuff but I wish you wouldn’t tag things’ – completelty misses the point of graffiti.

    ..What happened to the DIY ethos of poor quality 100% discounted paint, emulsion roller reaches, etched windowns with a racked grinding stone, drippy tags with a kiwi mop pen filled with racked fiebens leather dye.. thats graffiti right there…

    This isn’t meant to be a diss to the owner so please don’t delete. Infact I really like the blog in terms of coverage. Its a request for a more balanced view of ‘Bristol Graffiti’ and a reminder to some of these hangers on that their perception of graff seems to be one insulated by galleries, legal permissions and self congratulation: if the internet and a network of gallery shows didn’t exist you wouldn’t either…

  6. bristolgraffiti

    Fair points mate, think it’s important that someone puts a different side to these things.

    This blog’s not gonna cover tagging, and yeah is definitely more towards the more colourful and legal side of all this, that’s just a decision taken on it for various reasons, and i hope it doesn’t make out to represent the whole of graffiti in Bristol. To be honest, i think there could and should be more blogs out there covering this stuff, and there’s no reason why one or more of them shouldn’t cover tagging.

    Having picked up copies of Issue 2 and 45RPM’s mag recently, got to say the letterform and tagging based stuff really is something people should look into more, some of the stuff in there is stunning. Gonna review them in a bit, hopefully adding a bit of balance.

    But given we’d probably be completely crap at blogging about tagging and letterforms, it’s probably best someone else set themselves up to cover that side of things!

  7. A D

    Ok fair point made mate, at the end of the day its your blog so you run it how you see fit. I haven’t got any moral highground because I ‘m not running one! Anyway, it still has a load of decent graff, just one side of ‘graffiti’ as a whole.

    I think the point I was making was more a reminder to the the post internet ‘street art’ generation of writers that basically exist in a very ‘virtual’ world of flickr and fotolog sites, gallery shows and legal walls.. one where they continually tell each other how great they are and massage each others ego.. almost in a state of denial to whats actually happening on a daily basis, i.e. ‘WHO’S UP?’ which is really the most important question of all…

    I find it depressing when I bump into such people and they don’t know who’s got street bombing on lockdown, who’s running which lines, who’s been doing yards, who has insides running (infact some look blank when I say insides !!).. it’s like they haven’t been getting out there, just been sitting infront of their computer and then getting some free beers at a gallery show once a month.

    Fuck it, I don’t even live in Bristol anymore anyway ha ha

  8. bristolgraffiti

    Cool, well, this site’s meant to have an angle of learning on it, so wanna put a glossary on it someday soon. Will definitely ask people for contributions when putting it together!

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